Revitalization and empowerment begins where you are as a person and in your local community. Our "signature" approach is developed around regions as described in the Regional Revitalization and Empowerment Strategy. There is no pre-set size for regions, but a rule of thumb might be a 50 mile radius from your central location.

The Rural Innovation Institute is located in the Quad Cities - 13 communities located along the Mississippi River in Iowa and Illinois. 

Below you can find information related to the Quad Cities, and what we feel is important as we begin a new phase of development in the world.

Regional Businesses, Organizations and Attractions

Food Producers / Farmers Markets / Restaurants

     - ILIowa Local Foods Directory 2011 - download PDF -
        provided through Univ. of Illinois Ext. / Rock Island County

     - QC Organics - Matt Case is a local organic farmer who is
        actively working in the area. He has built a very affordable
        greenhouse that we will soon feature and possibly share
        plans, and sell kits/built out greenhouses

     Downtown Central Perk - an organic, vegetarian
      cafe/coffee shop, in Davenport

     ISupply - Illinois providing assistance to create new food

      MOONCAT Sustainability, Fulton IL CSA:
Local Arts / Crafts

     QC Collective - (Facebook page) is a Friendship Cooperative
      featuring local arts, crafts and services. The Collective is
      serving as a "hub" for organizing locally based initiatives in
      the areas that we are focusing on such as food, energy, new
     development and empowerment.

    [starpower]* - a lifestyle centered around design, culture
    and music.

     Handmade City - a cooperative of local artists

    SIS International - a beautiful fair trade shop, in Davenport

Nature Areas & other attractions

     Quad Cities Wild Places - brought to you by River Action

     Rock River Trail

     Figge Art Museum

     Putnam Museum

     Silos and Smokestacks

Other Important Links and Organizations

     Living Lands and Waters- cleaning our rivers, planting
      trees and educating about the importance of stewardship
      of Earth.

     Daytrotter - live music, recorded here

     Enjoy Illinois - a phone app with 10,000 things to do in

      Kids, Energy Education - University of Northern Iowa, Energy
        and Environmental education

      Hover Kids - A project of Bob Windt inventor of the Universal
        Hovercraft - simple science education, model rockets,
        airplanes, boats, etc. - all made with materials from around